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Web Hosting

I host website's.

There are runing 24/7 , fast enough for a professionnal website, and responsive (works on all device s). Here are some examples.

The server is based on Debian and working with Nginx web-server software. Those softwares and OS are used by the biggiest companies (ex: google...)  

To make it short, I'm an indepandant worker associated sometimes with a friend.

=> Host your website.

  1. Host your own website for a very low price !
  2. Very easy and fast: You only need to 'copy-paste' the website !

=> What you can get:

  1. 3Go HDD space, up to 50Go or more !
  2. Good intenet connection, min 5Mbs to 10Mbs or more !


Not only hosting, also ->coding<-.


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